I have always loved to design, create and invent new things and that is why I’m glad that my hobby can be my contribution in the amorFFactory project.

Based on my professional knowledge and academic background I consider being involved in a start-up project as the greatest challenge ahead of me.

Vona Máté

marketing, media

Faragó Péter

lead creative

Molnár Mátyás

lead designer

I think that my participation in the project is a great opportunity, because with amorffactory, we can describe and promote a technology which is not yet widespread in everyday life.


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“Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint you can at it.” Danny Kaye


For AMORFFACTORY 2 dimensions are just not enough! We had a dream in 2013 that 3D printing has to be brought into our lives. We believe in that 3D printing is not just an interesting technical experiment, only a toy for nerds, but a technology that will affect our lives as much as paper printing. Not necessarily will be a 3D printer in every household, but sooner or later we will be surrounded with stuff made by this technology!